Hi folks! Hope you’re all doing well. My name is Raaghav and I reside in India. Ever since my childhood, I loved the English language, marketing, shopping, checking out newly launched products, and making money in one way or another.

When I was a child, I used to go to popular malls in my city to check out newly launched products but now, since I’m busy with my work, I usually check out newly launched products online on popular e-commerce websites like Amazon.

During March 2020, when I was checking out Amazon and other e-commerce websites for newly launched products, I found some really cool, unique, fashionable, and useful products on those websites. I thought that it would be a shame if those cool products don’t come to light, are not bought, or are no longer manufactured.

Hence, I wanted to create an awareness about those cool and unique products on my blog. Kindly read about them, evaluate their worthiness, and then buy them if you feel that they’re indeed cool and unique and will satisfy your needs.

I can guarantee you that the products listed on my blog are fashionable, unique, economical, durable, and will make you popular among your friends and relatives if you own them.

They will improve the quality of your life and make your life, worth living. In fact, they’ll be so cool that you’ll look forward to my posts every week to buy new and cool products. So, all the best and have a cool shopping experience!