Have an amazing viewing experience with VU HD TV

Gone are the days when one could view only broadcasted programs on TV. These days, the distinction between a TV and a computer is blurring. One can do almost the same things on a smart TV as one can do on a computer. TVs these days are used to browse the internet and use smart apps as well.

One can use one’s smart TV for educational, official, and entertainment purposes these days. The VU 32 inches HD ready LED TV is one such smart TV that one can use for educational, official, and entertainment purposes.

VU HD LED TV with table-mounting stand.

It has amazing features, cool looks, and a sophisticated configuration that makes it well-worth its price of just US $192.30/- (Rs. 12,499/-) per piece. It can be ordered from popular e-commerce websites like Amazon. Given below are some of the cool features of the VU HD LED TV that will compel you to buy it.

Fabulous features of VU HD LED TV

The VU HD LED TV has the following sophisticated features that make it well worth its price of Rs. 12,499/- per piece. It is also easy to install and use.

VU HD LED TV product demo and features explained.
  • Firstly, it is quite large, having a length and width (height) of 1366 cms, and 768 cms respectively. This gives its viewers a high-quality viewing experience. The viewing experience is further enhanced by the fact that VU TV has an HD LED display.
  • The VU HD LED TV has a wide array of ports at the side and bottom of its back panel that enable people to connect various devices like laptops, pen drives, ethernet cable, microphones, audio, and video cables to them.
  • There is one port for connecting a headphone, two HDMI ports for connecting input devices like Chromecast, two USB ports for connecting devices like pen drives, DVD player, setup box, etcetera, one port for connecting the ethernet cable, and three other ports for connecting audio, video, and gaming consoles.
  • On the tv’s back panel (at the bottom) are two audio outlets that give 20 DB of DTS studio-quality sound.
  • The VU HD LED TV has Android Pie 9.0 O.S. installed, which is the latest version of Andriod O.S. so far. It can operate many Android apps and play many Android games.
  • By pressing the ‘Menu’ button on the TV remote and selecting the ‘apps’ option, one can open and use apps like Google Play Store, Movies and TV, Games, Music, Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etcetera.
  • The TV’s smart remote also has shortcut buttons like Menu, Input, Google Play Store, YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video to give one direct access to those applications.
  • The VU HD LED TV displays HD video and pictures using features like A+ grade LED panel, high brightness panel, adaptive contrast technique, Dual-Core Mali 470 graphics processor, 1 GB RAM, and MPEG noise reduction technique.
  • The TV has built-in Chromecast, WiFi, and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
  • The TV comes with a one year warranty from VU from the date of purchase. The Amazon Home Service personnel will also install the TV for free for you. They also have their customer care number which is 1800-228-455.
  • The VU HD LED TV comes with accessories like a pair of table-mounting stands, a pair of wall-mounting stands, a smart remote with the above-mentioned special features and also the ‘search’ button (and virtual keyboard), a pair of AA Amazon batteries, a few cables to connect to your setup box, a power cable, and an instruction manual.
  • One can view the TV from 178 degrees (almost 180 degrees) and must maintain a distance of at least 6 feet while watching the TV.
  • One can avail of EMI and exchange options. One can also return the TV within 10 days from purchase in case defects, physical damages, or certain advertised features were not found on the TV.
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Buy the TV now and enjoy your life

In case you are an Indian and are pissed about the PLA intruding into Indian territory and have renounced Chinese goods since then, let me ascertain that the VU company has got nothing to do with the plans and tactics of the PLA or the Chinese government.

VU is a genuine MNC that manufactures state-of-the-art TVs and prices them very economically. Very few TV manufacturers manufacture sophisticated TVs like VU and sell them at affordable prices.

VU is easily one of the best TV manufacturers in the world. So, buy the VU HD LED TV now and enjoy the rest of your life!